Spray foam in attic
Spray foam in attic

A large percentage of heat escapes through the attic and the walls of a home. However, a new approach to insulation can make a big difference. The best practice for insulating is to use Spray Foam Insulation to fill the spaces between the framing studs in the walls and attic. Our spray foams are non-toxic and have a limited lifetime guarantee. It expands up to 100 times its original volume, so it fills in air gaps unlike standard fiberglass insulation. Over time, as the house expands and contracts, so will the foam insulation. This eliminates cracks and spaces for warm air to escape.

When spray foam is applied to the attic floor and wall, it creates an air barrier against air leaks to minimize heat loss into the attic, particularly around hard to insulate areas like recessed lights.

In colder temperatures, spray foam (as an air barrier) addresses the problem of stack effect by minimizing heat loss through the ceiling. Spray foam minimizes the potential of warm moist interior air coming into contact with the cold roof surface; helping reduce the potential of ice damming in high snowfall areas.

Spray foam improves energy performance for savings as much as 50% and minimizes the potential of water/moisture damage and associated health concerns (mold) that can result from ice dams.

By using the better practice of Spray Foam Insulation in attics, you can create a better airtight envelope. This gives an advantage over common batt insulation in both efficiency and cost.

However, Seal Tech Insulation is a full service contractor offering blown in fiberglass and blown in cellulose for your attic. Currently, the state of Michigan requires an r49 of these products, which is approximately 16 inches of insulation in your attic. With these products you have to confirm that there is enough ventilation in your attic. Seal Tech only uses the best baffling and air moving products available to make sure your home is working properly. If you have less than 16 inches of insulation in your attic, or you do not know how much you have, please call today for a free estimate.