Spray foam in cathedral ceiling
Spray foam in cathedral ceiling

Sloped, vaulted, and cathedral ceilings are different names for essentially the same ceiling configuration. These ceilings are very popular in newer homes and remodeled homes, and they certainly add dramatic visual interest to a room. But because there is little or no attic space separating inside and outside air, proper insulation is especially important.

Properly insulating your cathedral ceilings will help reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Insulated ceilings allow ceiling temperatures to remain closer to room temperatures, providing an even temperature distribution throughout the house.

Spray Foam is perfect for cathedral ceiling applications and unvented attics and is one of the few insulations approved for use in an unvented attic application, which can offer additional protection against wind and water damage during storms.

Spray Foam easily handles difficult areas, such as soaring cathedral and dome ceilings, garage rooms, crawlspaces, basements, octagonal rooms and indoor pools, that would be impossible or cost-prohibitive to insulate with conventional insulation.

Spray foam insulated homes also qualify for an energy efficient mortgage, and contributes to significant increases in home resale values. Compared to conventional insulation, Spray Foam homeowners can expect up to a 50% saving in energy costs, including less expensive HVAC installation.

If you want your home environment to be healthy, energy efficient, with increased sound control and structural integrity, insulate with Spray Foam insulation.


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