Metal Building Application
Metal Building Application

Spray Foam Applied to Metal Building
Spray Foam Applied to Metal Building

Steel framing is beginning to be recognized as the cost-effective winner over wood across the entire spectrum of the residential housing market. Not only do they make economical sense, when properly constructed and insulated, steel framed homes can be every bit as energy efficient as wood framed homes.

However, insulating metal buildings comes with its own set of challenges. Eliminating air leakage, establishing thermal breaks and solving condensation problems require extensive detailing to ensure that the building performs to expectations. Buildings can also consume vast amounts of energy. In fact, energy represents the single largest operating expense in an office property. ENERGY STAR® reports that reducing energy use by 30% is equivalent to increasing net operating income and building asset value by 5%.

A remarkable spray-in-place foam insulation not only insulates, it air seals. As it expands, it forces its way into every corner and crevice completely filling the cavity to create its own continuous air barrier. Spray foam cures in minutes.

Reducing energy consumption, (and annual operating costs). is one of the key objectives for building owners. Seal Tech Insulation is in the business of creating more energy efficient buildings in both the residential and commercial sectors.  Seal Tech Insulation has been educating builders designers, architects and homeowners on the merits of foam insulation.

In creating a comfortable, durable and more energy efficient metal building, the benefits include:

  • reducing heating and cooling loads and cut energy costs by 30%
  • creating a tight building envelope to maximize indoor comfort
  • minimizing the threat of condensation and moisture build-up in a metal frame structure
  • complementing the HVAC performance to create a healthy indoor environment
  • minimizing the transfer of airborne sounds and odors (i.e. diesel exhaust) from the shop to the office space