Seal Tech Insulation can help your business save on energy bills and make working conditions better for your employees by upgrading your insulation in your building. Improved comfort can enhance employee morale and productivity.

Spray Foam in Commercial Building

Benefits of Commercial Insulation

Facility owners and managers want buildings that promote physiological and psychological occupant health, minimize air pollution, improve sensory conditions, and enhance human comfort, productivity and performance. These requirements can be achieved when insulating with spray foam. More »

Sprayed Wall New Construction

New Construction

Your state and local building codes probably include minimum insulation requirements, but to build an energy-efficient home, you may need or want to exceed them. For maximum energy efficiency, you should also consider the interaction between the insulation and other building components. This is called the whole-house systems design approach. More »

Metal Building Application

Metal Buildings

Steel framing is beginning to be recognized as the cost-effective winner over wood across the entire spectrum of the residential housing market. Not only do they make economical sense, when properly constructed and insulated, steel framed homes can be every bit as energy efficient as wood framed homes. More »


Sound Proofing

If you live near a busy street or an airport, you know all about airborne sounds – the unwanted noises that can invade your living space, hindering your comfort and enjoyment. A Spray Foam insulation system is an effective barrier to airborne sounds. More »

Exterior Block Wall Insulation

Exterior Applications

Exterior closed cell foam application on block in the wythe cavity of a brick over block wall.  We use the brick ties as a depth gauge to install a minimum of 2″ of closed cell foam, which is a moisture plain, a true vapor barrier and insulation for the building in a monolithic application with no seams or multiple products to apply. More »