Good Tidings To You And Your Wallet


Don’t Skimp This Holiday Season

Tis the holiday season and while we all enjoy the beautiful snow, seasonal cheer, and good tidings, we also know that they come at quite the cost. Why skimp on gifts, fun, and time spent with loved ones when there are other ways to save money? Have you ever thought of racking up some winter savings with home insulation?

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) recently did a study that concluded about 90% of existing homes in the U.S. are under insulated. If your home is anywhere from five to ten years old, chances are that your home is one of them. Don’t continue to waste energy, money, and comfort within your home when a solution is available. Proper insulation can help make your home more energy efficient, which will eliminate all of these issues.


The average U.S. family spends about 54% of their yearly home energy bill on heating and cooling. And yes, the most expensive of energy bills are often seen in the wintertime. Insulating helps to make your home airtight so that the flow of heating and cooling stays within the home. Escaped heat this winter will not only leave you shivering, but it will leave your wallet quivering. There is no better season to wish you had state-of-the-art insulation.

Utilizing Seal Tech Insulation’s spray foam can help save up to 50% on your home’s energy bill. Insulating now could means year after year of lower energy bills and a lifetime of savings. Your health, happiness, and comfort are well worth the long-term investment on your home. Schedule an Energy Audit Evaluation and see the potential savings for yourself. The sooner you insulate, the sooner the savings will begin to pile up.




Hot Dog!

This neat attraction hits close to home for us Michiganders here at Seal Tech. In our very own Mackinaw City, Michigan, there is a gigantic, 63-foot and 2.4 ton hot dog. And believe it or not, that beautiful work of art is made of spray foam insulation.

Wienerlicious, a local diner in Mackinaw City, paid local artists and spray foam specialists to construct the hot dog that now rests on the building’s roof. The hot dog serves as a beacon to customers driving down I-75. Its massive presence can be seen from quite a distance, which helps to lure in a crowd.

Spray foam for most is a practical choice, but Wienerlicious turned it into an art form. We realize most of our customers won’t need a Guinness World Record Size Hot Dog, but were happy to help our customers insulate and save money the usual way.


Insulating Ice!

The ice that you see above is actually 24,000 feet of spray foam insulation. Yet, another Michigan exhibit of how insulation can be used in a variety of ways. The Detroit Zoo’s new Polk Penguin Conservation Center is being called the “World’s Largest Penguin Playground”.

The room temperature of the exhibit is held at 37 degrees Fahrenheit and the penguin pool is maintained at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The SPF insulation was chosen to keep the required temperatures of the exhibit exactly where they need to be.


This speaks loudly about how reliable spray foam insulation truly is to heating and cooling. If it’s good enough for our little tuxedo-wearing friends, it certainly can make your home airtight. The less heating and cooling that escapes, the more energy savings there are to be had.  The Detroit Zoo knew it, maybe it’s time you did it to!

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