Did you know that DTE offers rebates for adding insulation to your home?

Looking to save energy while adding value and comfort to your home?

DTE Energy’s Insulation and Windows Program provides cash-back rebates for energy-efficient insulation and window upgrades.

The Insulation and Windows Program is a perfect fit for homeowners interested in making specific upgrades to home insulation, windows, or patio doors. For deeper savings, higher rebates and improved comfort, learn more about how you can benefit from the DTE Energy Home Performance Program.



What window and insulation projects are eligible for rebates?

Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Insulation Minimum Requirements Rebate Amount
Attic/Ceiling Insulation 500 sq. ft. installed $125
Above Grade Wall Insulation 250 sq. ft. installed $125
Kneewall Insulation 100 sq. ft. installed $25
Rim/Band Joist Insulation 50 Linear ft. installed $50
Basement Wall Insulation 200 sq. ft. installed $50
Crawl Space Insulation 100 sq. ft. installed $50
Floor Insulation 100 sq. ft. installed $50
Efficient Windows and Doors (U-value ≤ 0.30)
Window Replacement ENERGY STAR® for Northern Climate Zone (U-value ≤ .30) $15 per window (by opening)
Glass Patio Door Unit/Sliding Patio Door $40 per unit